Music Scoring Mixer

Michael in his private studio

Michael's background as a professional musician, playing trumpet in symphony orchestras has been central to his approach to recording. While attending Indiana University as a music major, he developed the skills of score reading and transposition. At age 19, he became Associate Principal Trumpet with the Dallas Symphony. In the late 60's, Michael was appointed Principal Trumpet with the Indianapolis Symphony where he also appeared as a featured soloist during his 7 year tenure. In 1972, he co-founded the first 16 track studio in Indiana and helped develop a thriving jingle industry in Indianapolis. Michael is frequent guest speaker at UCLA.

His recording career includes mixing the music for

"Rob Roy"
"Three Kings"
"The Corruptor"
"The General's Daughter"
"Cabin Fever"
"Being John Malkovitch"
"Knights Tale"
"Doc Hollywood"
"Big Lebowski"
"The Chamber"
"Conspiracy Theory"
"Get Carter"
"Gods and Monsters"
"In Too Deep"
"The Spanish Prisoner"
"Mambo Kings"
"The Tigger Movie"
"Little Mermaid II"
"Q & A"
"The Jackal"
"Mystery Alaska"
"Operation Condor"
"What Planet Are You From?"
"The Deep End"
"The Untouchables"
"The Alamo"
"Intolerable Cruelty"
"Before the Devil Knows You Are Dead"
"In Bruges"
"No Country For Old Men"
"The Rookie"
"The Finest Hours"
"Carol" (nominated for best score Oscar)
"Hail Caesar"


as well as Academy Award winning soundtracks for "Beauty and the Beast," and "Aladdin." Michael is the recipient of 3M Lyra Awards, Cinema Audio Society Award for Outstanding Achievement and numerous gold and platinum records.

Michael is also an accomplished pilot, holding the Multi-Engine Airline Transport Pilot and flight instructor license. In his spare time he has logged over 5,000 flight hours and served as director of training for a regional air carrier.

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